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武智光秀(総曲)原寸大組み立てキット(3Dプリント製) Mitsuhide Takechi(Sokyoku) Real scale assembly kit(by 3dprint)

260,000 JPY

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●受注生産(発送まで1-3ヶ月程) BTO-Build To Order-( it will take approximately 1-3months for items to arrive.) ●組み立て難易度(5段階評価)/Assembly difficulty(5-grade evaluation) 5---とても難しい/5---Very difficult ●大凡のサイズ/Approximate size 組み立て時/After assembly 高さ(heigh) 約370mm 幅(width) 約125mm 奥行き(depth) 約145mm ●寄付に関して この3Dプリント人形の販売による利益の一部(販売価格の10%)は阿波人形浄瑠璃文化の保存や継承等の活動のためにNPO法人阿波農村舞台の会に寄付されます。 http://www.nousonbutai.com/ ● About donation A portion of the profit from the sale of this 3D printed doll (10% of the selling price) will be donated to Awa Nosonbutai-no-kai(NPO) for activities such as preservation and inheritance of Awa Puppet Joruri culture. Awa Nosonbutai-no-kai(NPO) http://www.nousonbutai.com/ ●その他詳細 Other details https://3ddeko.shop/news/5df3119d1dac0b2d2bdcf5c5

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