"My Philosophy and Purpose of Producing 3D print puppet"

Compared to the days when the puppet industry including Awa Ningyo-joruri was vibrant in Japan, deco workers, puppet masters, rural stages are decreasing now in Japan. Therefore, opportunities for children to come into contact with Japanese culture, mainly puppet joruri, are decreasing. The creativity of the Joruri puppet is a wonderful culture. I respect the craftsmen, their skills and culture. They should be inherited. It will not be inherited unless the demand continues.

However, the kashira of Ningyo-joruri is very expensive, not easily accessible especially for children. In such situation, what I could do as a 3D modeler was to duplicate puppets with 3D technology. Under my philosphy of "Providing Hands-on cultural assets”, 3D print puppets will offer various experience not only for children but allow me to approach deeply to various age groups.

Opening a door way with digital 3D print puppets, my aim is to attract people’s interest into the world of profound craftsmen of genuine deco workers.

There were debates whether the work of craftsmen might be deprived due to the fact that it is easy to duplicate 3D prints as I continue to communicate and proceed this project with Mr. Yoichiro Amari who is my puppet making master.

As I told Mr. Amari that this project is never intended to deprive the work of deco workers rather publicize the real work of craftsmen and contribute to the puppet industry in this way; I was able to make the 3D print puppet under his supervision.
I sincerely appreciate if you could handle this 3D print pupprt with care and understand of its purpose.