【購入者感想】Impression of buyer

I am delighted with the quality of this head! It is a strong, durable, hands-on item suitable for teaching purposes. The kashira is detailed, smooth, and solid (just a little heavier than a wooden kashira), and the quality of the material is excellent. I have not assembled my Mitsuhide kashira as of yet, but I have handled a completed head, and the complex eye and mouth mechanisms work very smoothly. Ordering was easy, and the head was quickly and safely shipped to me.

As the website explains, the 3D printed kashira is not intended to compete with the work of traditional puppet makers, and I know that those concerns were discussed and addressed. This project benefits Tokushima's Jurobe Yashiki museum with the intention that students throughout Tokushima will be able to experience their cultural heritage. I feel very good about being able to support such an important project!

Bradford Clark, Professor
Department of Theater and Film
Bowling Green State University