阿波でこ人形組み立て教育プログラム Awa deko doll assembly educational program


By utilizing the “tacit knowledge of personified crafts” in the STEAM education, the kit promotes public understanding and interest of the culture while appealing state-of-the-art technology. Products are sold exclusively within fields that do not affect the work of traditional puppet makers (education industry, etc.). An educational program has also been developed to solve the problem of the puppets being too expensive to actually touch and experience. In addition to the introduction of the history and related jobs, the program turns the puppets into "experiential cultural property" and allows participants to build the puppets with their hands, while learning about the mechanics, possibilities, and magic of modeling and printing. After the performance by Ningyo-za, participants can also experience the puppet operation. Through digital technology, I hope to stimulate people’s interest in crafts and traditions, and at the same time, carry on the culture by showing how the next generation craftsmen could be using fab. The program focuses on hands-on experiences, not just learning on paper.