オリジナルマインド社 ものづくり文化展2020 入選


3D DEKO PROJECTという阿波人形浄瑠璃のプロジェクトで、組み立て体験の授業等はその一環です。



土佐 信道(明和電気)
民芸は、素材と、それを作る技術があってこそ作れる。たとえば「竹とんぼ」という玩具は、素材の「竹」と、それを刃物でけずる技術があってはじめて作れる。しかし、都会では竹を手に入らない。そして技術をしってる人がいなくなれば、「竹とんぼ」は消滅する。しかし3D DEKO PROJECTのような民芸のアーカイブムーブメントが広がれば、それらの消滅を止めることができる。もちろん、民芸は木や竹といった素材の魅力があってこそだ、という意見もあるだろう。しかし、あえてそれを切り離してデータ化することで、生き残る存在もある。そうしておけば、未来に竹に出会ったひとが、ふたたび再生することもできる。このプロジェクトが広がることを期待します。

Our project and work was selected for the Monozukuri Culture Exhibition, an award given by Original Mind, a company famous for its small CNC and other machine tools.

It is a project of Awa Ningyo Joruri called 3D DEKO PROJECT, and the class of assembly experience etc. are a part of it.
As mentioned in the general comments, I really felt that there is a need in the future for manufacturing that includes emotion, stories, and relationships, not just high performance and rich functions.

Judges' comments

Hajime Nakamura (Representative of Original Mind)
The use of 3D digital technology, which makes it easy for young people to become interested in traditional crafts, the solution to the problem of expensive and difficult to touch 3D printing, and the creation of a system in which 5-20% of the sales price is donated to the Awa Ningyo Joruri succession activities. It was wonderful to see how they solved all the bottlenecks and made it a win-win situation for everyone involved. In addition to the work itself, the activities themselves are beautiful and convey the author's warm and benevolent worldview.

Nobumichi Tosa (Meiwa Denki)
Folk art can be created only when there are materials and techniques to make them. For example, a toy called "taketombo" can be made only by using bamboo as a material and a technique to cut it with a knife. However, bamboo is hard to come by in the city. And if there is no one who knows the technique, the bamboo dragonfly will disappear. However, if folk art archiving movements such as the 3D DEKO PROJECT spread, we can stop the disappearance of these arts. Of course, some people may argue that folk art is only as good as the materials used to make it, such as wood and bamboo. However, there are those who dare to separate these materials and convert them into data, and thus survive. In this way, people who encounter bamboo in the future will be able to recreate it. I hope this project will spread.

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